Haystack Hands, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, ME, July 21 - September 15
"Moons" for "Through Thick & Thin" with Betsy Kaufman at Kerry Schuss, NYC, June 20 - July 26 - Apfelbaum UFO - Jan 2019-3193.jpg - Apfelbaum UFO - Jan 2019-3295.jpg - Apfelbaum UFO - Jan 2019-3346.jpg - Apfelbaum UFO - Jan 2019-3098.jpg environment_01_v2.jpg environment_04_v2.jpg environment_02_v2.jpg environment_03_v2.jpg
Hard Moon (Vienna/Basel)
Blue Moon (Vienna/Basel)
Evergreen Moon (Vienna/Basel)
Buck Moon (Vienna/Basel)
Cold Moon (Vienna/Basel)
Sturgeon Moon (Vienna/Basel)
Falling Leaves Moon (Vienna/Basel)
Frog Moon (Vienna/Basel)
Harvest Moon (Vienna/Basel)
Yellow Moon (Vienna/Basel)
Worm Moon (Vienna/Basel)
Strawberry Moon (Vienna/Basel)
Bony Moon (Vienna/Basel)
Wind Moon (Vienna/Basel)
Snow Moon (Vienna/Basel)
Wolf Moon (Vienna/Basel)
Blossom Moon (Vienna/Basel)
Full Leaf Moon (Vienna/Basel)
Pink Moon (Vienna/Basel) edit 1 lo.jpg edit 3 lo.jpg edit 2 lo.jpg LISTweb.jpg Apfelbaum, Deep Purple, Red Shoes III, 2015 Photo Lieve Neerman (2).jpg
Beyond Borders
@ NADA for Clifton Benevento
In Conversation, 2015
Frieze 2015
Frith Street Gallery, London
Clifton Benevento, NYC
Gallery Nacht St Stephan, Art Basel copy copy.jpg copy copy.jpg copy copy.jpg copy copy.jpg, 2012.jpg, 2011.jpg, 2012.jpg and Max, 2012.jpg